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X-RAY On-Site

OPEN 7 Days a Week, 365 Days of the Year, Walk-ins Welcome

OPEN 7 Days a Week
365 Days of the Year
Walk-ins Welcome

Urgent Care 24/7
Centennial Park

285 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW CU-2A

Atlanta, Georgia 30313

phone: (404) 721-0444

Video Visits Available 24/7


Urgent Care Near Me

Conveniently located next to Centennial Park

Don’t Neglect Your Health Care

There’s nothing to fear about getting an x-ray.

We know no one loves medical procedures, but getting an x-ray is a breeze. Here’s why:

  • It’s fast. The average exam takes less than 15 minutes.
  • It’s painless. It’s very rare for a patient to experience any pain during an x-ray.
  • It’s beneficial. If you choose not to get an x-ray, you run the risk of misdiagnosing a dangerous health problem.

An X-Ray Can Be the key to Early Prevention

X-rays can catch all types of injuries that a doctor might not see during a physical exam. From bone fractures to digestive blockages, x-rays provide clear images to prevent a small problem from getting out of hand. X-Rays are available on-site and no referral is needed!

Centennial Park Downtown Atlanta Urgent Care


Absolutely wonderful service. I’m a nurse myself, and the care I received at this facility from Tori and the PA who saw me (I can’t remember his name) was beyond excellent. It was my wedding rehearsal day, and I came in in pretty bad shape. Both providers showed so much concern and compassion, I felt immediate relief just knowing I was in good hands. Thank you for all you do! I’d recommend anyone and everyone to this facility!

Rachel Steeb

I took my boyfriend here after he cut himself badly on a school project. We were greeted immediately and taken to a room where the nurse explained very clearly the price and process of the visit. It was absolutely one of the fastest visits to a doctor either one of us has ever experienced. Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend this urgent care to anyone for quick and thorough care.

Lucy Phipps-Kaye

Great service and convenient location! Always rely on urgent care for any health concern I have. They never fail to give the best service and always call back to check up on how you are doing. Best clinic in town!

Isabella Yidi
$99 Office Visit includes evaluation by a Provider. Tests, procedures, and medications may be extra. $20 After-Hours fee after 8 PM daily.
Payment is due at time of service. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, HSA Cards, CareCredit and Cash accepted.