DOT Physicals & Drug Testing in Atlanta, GA

Urgent Care 24/7 Centennial Park Offers DOT / Non-DOT Drug Testing with Quick and Accurate Results. Our Walk-In Clinic Is Located at 285 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW CU-2A Atlanta, GA 30313. Please Call Us at (404) 721-0444 or Simply Walk-In with No Appointment Necessary.

DOT Physicals & Drug Testing in Atlanta, GA

Why Do I Need a DOT Physical Exam?

There are many industries where you must pass a drug screening to obtain employment. This prerequisite is needed to ensure workplace safety. While the process of getting a drug test is relatively straightforward, it can be challenging to get one unless your potential employer has one on standby. A primary care physician will likely send you to a testing facility as many do not have the equipment to process such a test in their office. Instead of waiting days for an appointment and then more time waiting for your drug screen to be processed, visit our highly experienced medical professionals at Urgent Care 24/7 Centennial Park in Atlanta, GA. No appointment is ever needed, and we are available seven days a week. Simply walk into our clinic and get screened today.

What Should I Bring With Me to the Exam?

When you arrive at our facility, please be prepared to give a urine sample for testing and bring state-issued photo ID. We can screen for marijuana, phencyclidine (PCP), cocaine, and amphetamines as well as prescription medications, such as Valium. If you are currently on any prescriptions, please bring in the pill bottle or documentation from your doctor regarding this medication. Certain prescriptions can affect the accuracy of a drug screen, producing a false positive.

Our facility is also certified to collect DOT drug screens, which is a required part of a DOT Physical. Our certified DOT Physical providers have access to our state of the art lab, allowing us to collect the drug screen and complete your physical usually in a single visit. If you need to obtain or renew your Commercial Driver’s License, consider visiting Urgent Care 24/7 Centennial Park in Atlanta, GA.

Where Is Your Urgent Care Located? Do You Accept My Insurance?

Urgent Care 24/7 Centennial Park is located at 285 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW CU-2A Atlanta, GA 30313. We are open 7 days a week from 8 am – Midnight. We do not take insurance at the clinic but our friendly staff will provide the patient a detailed receipt that they can file with their insurance company themselves. Our office visits start at just $99! Call us today at (404) 721-0444.